Monday, June 6, 2011

The Story of the Doubt

The Story of the Doubt

Threw down the phone
Threw up my bot ton
Threw nicest things out -
Remained with my doubt

Who did it? - I thought.
Who stole my Van Gogh?
Who knew that I'd put
The keys in my suit?

Who discover my vault?
Took it by assault?
It was safe by default
It must be my fault!

Even walls are suspicious.
This is not auspicious!
Maybe it was the cat
Hm – she did look at me like that...

Or maybe it was – oh! My bird!
Most cute in the world!
That filthy old parrot -
HE wanted my karat!

Or maybe my fish -
I'm sure that he wished
To beautify its shell.
You'll so go to jail!

I'm sure that I'm close,
I can smell with my nose!
The burglar is close,
His smell – it still flows.

I'm wondering in circles,
I am close..., I'm precocious...
I just need a break -
And then revenge I will take!

And then I hit the bottle,
And then I hit the bottom.
Of the glass that is.
Got lost in its fizz...

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